Welcome to The Black Book Depot.

The Black Book Depot staff will be attending the AFA and NFA national tournaments - please understand that due to travel schedules, we will not ship from April 1 - April 8 and April 16-22.  Thank you for your patience.

Nationals season is here!  Tickled to see the names of so many of our customers in the "results" section of The Joy of Tournaments and Speech Wire.  Keep it up!   Our inventory has been replinished - let The Black Book Depot help you and your team get ready!

What color are you?  Check out our CEI's Ultrak 310 stop watches - in black and six different colors.  Why such a crowd pleaser?  This particular stop watch is silent - no more annoying beeping or alarms during rounds - or uneccesarry intrusions upon performances - this stop watch is silent!  These timers have proven quite popular - not just for speech but for students timing themselves during the ACT/SAT exams - no noise rules!

Finally, check out our new line of Greeting Cards.With the help of former legendary speech competitor, Jason Berke - The Black Book Depot is proud to introduce a line of greeting cards designed with speech and debate competitors in mind. Encourage, motivate, console and inspire with our cards.  Buy indivdually or in a bundle, these cards are sure to speak to your target audience!

It feels nice to support BOTH speech AND debate.  With your support we can slowly change into a "one-stop-shop" for the forensic community!

As always, thanks for your continued interest and patronage of The Black Book Depot.

Tom & Meg


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    1 - 24 of 25 items